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Bootstrapping to $3M+ ARR with 3 employees

Hosted by Toplyne & Rahul from Toplyne ツ
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Scaling a business in a hyper-competitive market is pretty common.

Bootstrapping a business isn't exactly new, neither is running one with a lean team.

But scaling a business to a $3M+ ARR with just 3 employees in a hyper-competitive market? Now that's not something you hear every day.

Esben Friis-Jensen is the co-founder and chief growth officer of Userflow, a no-code platform for building onboarding guides and product tours.

Before this, Esben co-founded, an application security platform.

Esben left Cobalt in 2020 to start Userflow to help B2B SaaS companies acquire, onboard, and support their customers without any human touch, using a product-led growth motion.

Today, Userflow helps 600+ customers with onboarding, bringing in $3M+ in ARR with just 3 employees without a single dollar in VC funding.

Join Esben as he walks us through his playbook around:

🏋🏻‍♂️ Building a product that is a heavy-lifter of your GTM motion

📈 Scaling to a 7-figure ARR efficiently

✨ Differentiating in a crowded market

... and much, much more.

Esben will take your questions throughout the event and in the dedicated 15 mins AMA at the end.

Keep them ready 🫡

See y'all there.