real talk: the 3 step journey all founders should follow to succeed



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About 90% of startups fail, 50% in the first 2 years (Failory). CBInsights cite the number 1 reason as "misreading market demand" - i.e. not understanding your market and customer needs.

Join us for a real talk with Lisa Makarova - seasoned entrepreneurship coach who has worked with 500+ students & founders - on a candid conversation covering the processes new founders must focus on to succeed.

In this 1 hour discussion, Lisa will share the 3-step journey she teaches the founders she coach as they struggle with getting their startups off the ground.

You will learn:

  • How do you validate the market and problem you're solving?

  • How do you test your customer assumptions?

  • When is the right time to raise funding?

Real talk is a series where we find the people who are most engaged in the early-stage startup scene and ask them to share their real, honest advice and perspective. There's no fluff, no BS, just the good stuff.

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