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Are your meetings sucking the vital life energy from your Soul? If so chances are good you’re stuck in the 5 stone age meeting formats of:

  • presentation

  • status report

  • managed discussion

  • brainstorm

  • free-for-all discussion

Even if you have an agenda, when you default into one of these tools to organize your time, attention and energy, results are… unpredictable. Instead of auto-pilot opting for one of those, pick from one of the 33 Liberating Structures. Your odds of picking the right tool for the topic will shoot up and enable you to address topics successfully. Not only does this feel awesome, but the way LS help you get there will help REGENerate the human spirit. And guess what? We’ll help you learn how to do it.

Give and get help learning and using Liberating Structures!

Do you have a meeting, workshop or session you need to plan and host?
Bring your case to the WiseCrowds Liberating Structures Design Call and be our Client. Get considerations, ideas and advice by offering the Consultants a Design Brief:

  1. Place: context your case is happening in

  2. Purpose: intended goal/outcome of your session

  3. Participants: who you’ll need in order to be successful

  4. Particulars: Online/Offline/Hybrid, TimeBounds

  5. Process: any ideas you have(or not)

Submit your Design Brief here:

Are you familiar with Liberating Structures, looking to practice designing strings and want to cross pollinate with others?
Join the WiseCrowds Liberating Structures Design Call as a Consultant, offering your information, ideas and insight on the Client’s Design Brief.

Are you interested in taking the next step in your Liberating Structures Learning Journey, want to discover new structures and see how you design a string?
Join the WiseCrowds Liberating Structures Design Call and observe how LS can be applied to real life situations.

Read more about the Wise Crowds structure:

To create an artifact that can help others learn, this session will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. You can find recordings here: