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Aquarius Full Moon Revolution dreams, Astrology Magic Workshop

Hosted by Tara Greene
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The Aquarius Full Moon at 1+ degree Aquarius focuses on Revolution, freedom of thought, LIBERATION and points to major changes which began December 21, 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn met at 0 degrees Aquarius. We will be rethinking the revolution from six months in and where we need to bring radical change in our lives.

Another powerful aspect of this lunation is VENUS in VIRGO opposite Jupiter in PISCES at 0 degrees. This beneficial planetary aspect focuses on practical dreamwork.

Dreams are the royal road of the Soul according to Psychologist Carl Jung, and one of my fave topics. I taught dream groups and workshops for many years since the 1990's. Venus and Jupiter are connected with the South Node in Sagittarius {the past} and conjunct Juno, the Feminine Genius Asteroid who helps us to see in multi-dimensional ways. No previous Astrology knowledge is necessary to benefit from this workshop. The planetary energies will be explained in a PowerPoint.

Bring your dream journals, past and present dreams of the future to this workshop. We will be focussing on DREAMWORK, visualization and a Guided Meditation of what we want to dream into our personal, collective and Sacred Dreams of the future.

There will be Q & A so bring your natal chart to access how this lunation is affecting you. Get your free Natal chart at

I look forwards to seeing you there.