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MIDWEEK December 8: Elizabeth Sutterlin | Finding Poetic Spirit

Thu, Dec 9, 12:30 AM - 1:30 AM UTC


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Poets across times, geographies, and faiths have long used poetry to express their spirituality. Poems can help us relate to the rest of creation and connect the everyday human experience to the transcendent. Whether metered or free verse, epic poem or haiku, poetry engages our minds in reflection and creativity that can spur spiritual growth and change in both the writer and the reader.
This Midweek session will introduce poetry as a method for expressing spirituality through reading selected pieces from poets whose faiths guided their work. Participants will have the opportunity to practice generating their own spiritual poetry.

Elizabeth Sutterlin is a poet and writer deeply interested in the relational and healing power of poetry. She draws frequent inspiration from the natural world, and can be found hiking through all manner of parks when she isn’t writing. She works at an international nonprofit in Washington, DC.

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