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[FlowGPT PromptCon] Why Prompt is the Future

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2nd workshop of FlowGPT PromptCon

Jay will discuss his understanding of what a prompt is, why he believes prompts represent the next generation of coding, and how prompts will evolve.

About the Speaker: Jay Dang is the founder and CEO of FlowGPT. He's a serial entrepreneur, a college dropout, and an avid music enthusiast. Check out his article on the future of prompts: Why is Prompt the Future?

About PromptCon: PromptCon (9.15-10.14) is the largest AI prompt engineering event of the year. Join FlowGPT for the big Prompt Hackathon with over $10,000 in prizes. Plus, there are workshops with academic & industrial experts and a special conference on Oct. 15.

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