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Writing Circles [February 2023] Master Registration

Hosted by Kim, The Open Book Company (She/Her)
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This is the master registration for the Writing Circles for this month. Once you register at this link, you will be invited to access all of the Writing Circle calls, workshops and join The Open Book Community Hub if you are not already a member.



All times listed in ET.

Writing Circles
[Note - some WCs are now two hours]

  • February 2nd 10am-12pm (with intention-setting)

  • February 8th 11am-12pm

  • February 11th 10am-11:30am

  • February 13th 12pm-2pm

  • February 15th 10am-12pm

  • February 21st 10am-11:30am

  • February 22nd 7pm-8:30pm

    Additional Sessions:

  • February 3rd 11am (BONUS Workshop: Top Three Considerations Before Writing Your Non-Fiction Book)

  • February 10th 10:30-11 (BONUS: Mindset call)

  • February 22nd 11am (BONUS: Guided Writing Workshop for Newbies)

  • February 27th 11am-12:15pm (BONUS: Monthly Salon)

2023 Updates

What the Writing Circle Registration now includes.

  • The same Writing Circle access experience you’ve enjoyed since you first joined.

    • Six to eight (90 minute) Writing Circles each month.

    • Based on your feedback, we will pilot one 2-hour Writing Circle 

    • An Intention-Setting exercise will be added to the first Writing Circle of each month. 

  • Additional Monthly Calls

    • NEW Monthly Mindset Call (30 mins)

    • Monthly Salon (75 minute connection + sharing call)

  • NEW Community Hub Access through the Mighty Networks app including:  

    • Writing Prompts

    • Easy reference to the passages, quotes, affirmations from our grounding time

    • Recordings of grounding / breathing exercises to conduct your own independent writing time with some “virtual” company

    • Writing and publishing resources, tips and tools 

    • Messages and updates from Kim Marsh, The Open Book Company Founder  

    • A space to share your writing with each other for our Monthly Salons 

What is the cost to participate in the Writing Circles for 2023?  

There is a suggested cost of $50/month. As part of The Open Book Company’s commitment to equity and access, the Writing Circles are now pay-what-you-choose. This means that all participants choose a price that feels comfortable for them based on their schedule, budget and any other factor(s). There are no forms, no qualifications, and no questions. Everyone gets the same access to the Writing Circles and all the same perks including access to the Open Book Community Hub, member discounts and bonus workshops.


About the Writing Circle Sessions

​Have you been thinking about starting a blog, composing an article for LinkedIn or drafting up a memoir? Or, maybe you are simply dreaming about dusting off your old diary from junior high to capture your thoughts, observations, feelings and daydreams.

​​The reality is, as soon as we go to reach for that pen (or laptop), many of us experience loads of questions, doubts or challenges.

​​You may be taunted by that blinking cursor on a blank page or perhaps you have begun to hear that quiet (or not-so-quiet) voice inside asking "just who do you think you are?" Maybe you're questioning if there's really a space for your voice in the sea of content out there or wondering if anyone would even want to hear what you have to say.

​​Or, perhaps, you just don't know where to begin. Or where to end. Or what to do in between.

​​Here's the good news:

​​1- This is all totally normal

​​2- You don't have to go it alone.

​​Join Kim, Founder of The Open Book Company, for an informal, comfortable and welcoming space for you to explore your desire to share your words with the world (or to simply get them down on paper).



​​Agenda for the (90 minute) Writing Circle:

​​Welcome, tips/resources, writing prompts and intention-setting

​​Independent writing (with 1 built-in break, depending on session length)

​​Closing + sharing (optional)

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