Cover Image for Entrepreneurs Social Club (ESC) - February 2024
Cover Image for Entrepreneurs Social Club (ESC) - February 2024
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Welcome to our monthly Entrepreneurs Social Club (ESC) gathering! Skip the talks, presentations and lectures - in favour of going straight to the bar, where real connections are made!

We meet on the last Wednesday of the month - all entrepreneurs and prospective founders are welcome (tell your friends)!

A wee surprise - sometimes, one of our community members pays for a round of drinks (or more), so get to the event early to claim your free drink! Otherwise, it's a BYOD-style setup to keep things simple - AKA buy-your-own-drinks.

About us - We’re an Edinburgh-based community of startup founders, engineers and industry professionals gathering since 2018. Whether you’re still searching for an idea, building your first product, running your 3rd venture or even looking for investment opportunities - you can learn something from the ESC community.

34 Bread St, Edinburgh EH3 9AF, UK