Cover Image for Harnessing AI's Power: Opportunities and Challenges in the AI Industry
Cover Image for Harnessing AI's Power: Opportunities and Challenges in the AI Industry
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Harnessing AI's Power: Opportunities and Challenges in the AI Industry

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​​Address: 1020 Bellevue Way Northeast, Bellevue, WA, 98004

On May 18, 2024, we're joined by Victor Huang, Abhijit Joshi, and Dave Parker, each bringing unique experiences and expertise to the table. From AI startups to IPOs, our speakers have seen it all. Get ready to gain valuable insights and strategies for success in the entrepreneurial journey. Let's dive in!

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Victor Huang

Victor Huang, Founder and CEO of Airship AI, embarked on a remarkable journey from his days as a stockbroker at Morgan Stanley to becoming a self-taught professional trader. With sheer determination and a bootstrap approach, Victor transformed Airship AI from a humble beginning with less than $50,000 and no external investors into a NASDAQ-listed entity in 2023. Victor's journey exemplifies the spirit of innovation and resilience, inspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Abhijit Joshi

Abhijit Joshi, a seasoned entrepreneur, founded Brain Capital AI, specializing in generative AI products. He co-founded Metastitch, Inc., a web 3.0 startup funded by Madrona Venture Labs. With extensive experience at Microsoft and Amazon, Abhijit excels in managing businesses and leading cross-functional teams. He's known for delivering innovative products like Alexa Chat for Kindle Books and Pixel Plus AI for real estate advertising. Abhijit is adept at driving business development, raising capital, and deploying various business models.

Dave Parker

Dave Parker is at the helm of the Entrepreneurs' Organization, a global non-profit boasting nearly 19,000 members. With a track record of founding five ventures and investing in startups three times over, he's a seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist, guiding startups from inception to successful exits. He's also an accomplished author, penning "Trajectory: Startup," and the visionary behind DKParker & TrajectoryMedia. Dave continues to fuel innovation as a startup investor, having previously managed a Family Office Fund.

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