Cover Image for 2024 Business and Philanthropy Forum Pre-Event Salon
Cover Image for 2024 Business and Philanthropy Forum Pre-Event Salon
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2024 Business and Philanthropy Forum Pre-Event Salon

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We cordially invite you to an enlightening seminar on the afternoon of January 25th, featuring insights from Peggy Dulany and Benjamin Fok. Their profound experiences and visionary perspectives will foster a dynamic dialogue on the relationship between business and philanthropy.

This seminar is open to all enthusiasts eager to engage in meaningful discussions about impactful business and philanthropic strategies, yet there is a vetting process in place to ensure a fruitful and focused discussion. AFG Members will enjoy the benefit of priority participation, granting them precedence in the selection process and access to these insightful sessions, as well as all year-round side events of the Business and Philanthropy Forum.

Join us in laying a solid foundation for the convergence of business and philanthropy, contributing to a future of shared success and impact. Your presence and participation are highly anticipated!

我们诚邀您参加1月25日下午的启发性研讨会,Peggy Dulany和Benjamin Fok将分享他们的深刻见解。他们丰富的经验和前瞻性的视角将促进关于商业与慈善关系的动态对话。



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