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36 Days of Type with Typearture

Hosted by Thomas Dahm
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36 Days of Type is a global event that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet.

For the 8th edition of this event, Arthur Reinders Folmer – from Typearture – released daily, richly illustrated characters, based upon worldwide pollution events. To give the characters background information, each illustration is accompanied by a short poetic sentence, explaining the event and its impact.

Typearture’s characters consist of two parts: The serenity of nature and the disrupting, harmful impact of pollution. These parts collide in a single character, creating a sharp contrast of blooming meadows and nestling birds with toxic waste and oil spills, showing what was once and what is now: The impact of humanity at its best.

Using bold strokes, Ben-Day dot patterns and a limited color palette, each letter refers to visual styles we know from children’s books, hiding the cruelty in plain sight. Combined with the accompanying text, these characters make you take a second look and discover more about the events they illustrate.

If it was this easy to come up with events for an A-to-Z, what does it say about the state of our world?

On Friday, May 7th, Thomas Dahm – from Neon Moire – talks with Typearture to recap the past 36 Days of Type. They will talk about Arthur's ideation, the process and what's next for the character set.

Join us Friday, May 7th, at 4pm CEST.

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