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Defeating Bias :How to overcome the "Pretty Idiot" archetype

Hosted by WaveMakers & Vanessa Dietzschold
Past Event
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About Event

About the Event:

Join us for an inspiring event, where Vanessa Dietzschold , WaveMakers Alumna , will talk about how to overcome the "Pretty Idiot" archetype. Think of an attractive but stupid character who gets by on their looks. But surprise, surprise, the archetype is dated and just another harmful way of labeling women.

P.S. Come prepared (or be spontaneous) with lots of questions about being a Pretty Idiot archetype.

In this session you will learn:

🌊 How her life path changed

🌊 How sticky and internalized a stereotype can become

🌊 What a supportive environment can do for you.

🌊 Why manifesting your goals isn’t merely a vision board you put up on your wall

​​When? Wednesday , February 8th 6:30-7 PM CET
Where? On Zoom  🥳👀


About the speaker:

Born and raised on the hyped-up island of Bali, Vanessa Dietzschold began her modeling career at 12 years old. At 21 she left and pursued the international high fashion scene to realize her dream job—or so she thought. 

About WaveMakers:
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