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All Things Product, with Experts From Faves

Hosted by Hamza alsamraee
Past Event
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Join product leaders from Google, Goldman Sachs, and LinkedIn as they discuss all things product.

You'll be joining:

  • Marily Nika (AI Product Lead @ Google)

  • Jason Mikula (former VP of Product @ Goldman Sachs)

  • Belinda Langner (Group Product Manager @ Google)

  • Cherie Luo (PM @ LinkedIn)

In a conversation moderated by David Mattin (author of New World Same Humans). Trust us, he's got a voice for radio.

Event organized by Faves. Faves is a new social platform where world-class experts share the content that informs their thinking. Alongside the names above, you'll be seeing exclusive posts from people like Marissa Mayer (former CEO of Yahoo!), Sean Kim (Head of Product @ Tiktok), Nir Eyal (Bestselling author of Hooked), and more. Get early access to Faves today: