Build Video Calling in any No-code Platform within 5 Mins

Tue, Nov 30, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM UTC


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📢 Build Video Calling in any No-code Platform within 5 Minutes.

We're always excited to showcase new ways to easily integrate video calls in DhiWiseBubbleWordPress, and many more using our Prebuilt SDK.

If you’re looking to build an app but prefer to start with a "No-code" development platform.

help you take your no-code apps to the next level, you can now quickly add video chat to your app and web.

📌 In the session, we will be covering

➟ Introduction to Video SDK
➟ How Prebuilt SDK works?
➟ Integration of Prebuilt SDK & Go Live
➟ Q&A Session and More


➟ 10,000 minutes free each month
➟ Completely Low code and serverless.
➟ Video API with real-time audio, video, and data streams
➟ 5,000+ participants support
➟ Chat support with rich media.
➟ Screen sharing with HD and Full HD.
➟ Play the real-time video in a meeting
➟ Connect it with social media such as Facebook, Youtube, etc (RTMP out support).
➟ Intelligent speaker switch
➟ Record your meetings on cloud
➟ Inbuilt support of whiteboard, poll, and Q & A.
➟ Customize UI as per your needs.

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