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馃 Introduction

What if you could access a free database with 3,016,657+ logos? What if you could search that database to see only the logos that included a tulip? Or only logos with a blue pepper grinder? Or only logos with both a cat and a dinosaur?

Would that database be useful to you when:

  • 鈥婥reating mood boards

  • Seeking inspiration

  • 鈥婩inding trends in logo themes and topics

  • Trying to avoid creating a logo that's too similar to one already

馃挕 As an attendee, you'll learn:

  • How to search all the logos ever submitted to the U.S. Trademark Office to find ones that include a specific object, element, color etc.

  • 鈥婬ow to do the search based on keywords

  • How to find design codes and do the search based on those codes

  • How to see images in the most convenient way for quick scrolling

Each participant will get a handout with written instructions with screenshots to help them use the skills after the presentation.

馃摑 Event and Speaker Details

Speaker: Michele Berdinis

Michele has been practicing trademark law for 25 years. She鈥檚 the Founder and President of Beeline Legal. Beeline鈥檚 friendly, engaging approach helps clients understand what they need, what they鈥檒l get, and what鈥檚 next without all the legal-speak and unexpected, unpredictable legal fees and costs.

鈥嬧彵锔 Run of Show

  • 鈥嬧婭ntroductions

  • Run through a keyword search

  • Run through a design code search

We鈥檒l conclude by having each attendee do a keyword search while still being able to ask questions.

鈥婸lease contact the In Creative Co-founders Yelle and Drea directly with any questions, [email protected]

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