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How in the World Did I Get Here?!

Hosted by Be Amazing Interpreting
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Be Amazing Interpreting hosts the author of the Effective Interpreting Series textbooks and co-designer of the Master of Arts in Interpreting program at Gallaudet University. Carol is also a  renowned interpreter educator and creator of curricula for interpreting instruction – Carol Patrie!

Carol will share insights into her journey into interpreting, interpreting education, and curricula design. There is nothing like inspiration from someone who has a proven track record of innovation and leadership! We will explore topics of inspiration, determination, key relationships, attitude, and plunge the depths of Carol’s wisdom.

This will be a special treat; and invaluable resource for growth!

  • Reflect on the roots and progress of professional interpreting and interpreter education

  • Reflect on sources of inspiration for goal setting and professional achievement

  • Consider how personal decisions are made and the impact of those decisions

  • Discuss the importance of role models for professional effectiveness

  • Consider implications of taking appropriate professional risk for the sake of personal growth

*Presented in English; interpreted into ASL

RID/BEI/QA .2 CEUs approved!

The Stanley Patrie Scholarship:

In the name of Carol’s father, Stanley Patrie (1912 - 1995), a scholarship is available for ten registrations at 50% off. IF you would like to use this scholarship, use codeword: “STANLEYP” at checkout.