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Peek Inside Our Polycule

Hosted by Aria Diana
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About Event

Discover the inner workings of a dynamic, 10+ person polycule as we demystify the complexities of interpersonal relationships within our large poly relationship network.

This online event is part of the Week of Visibility for Non-Monogamy's "Identity & Inclusion" theme, focusing on promoting awareness, acceptance, and understanding of non-monogamous relationships as legitimate and enriching life choices.

Round Table Participants

You'll hear from a diverse panel of 6 polyamorous individuals from the wider network of interconnected relationships:

Panel Discussion Topics:

  • Poly Philosophy: Hear personal insights on why we relate this way, and the advantages and challenges.

  • Insecurity & Jealousy: Discover how we manage difficult emotions and personal growth.

  • Time Management: See how we balance energy, attention and affection.

  • Hierarchy: Explore the different approaches to prioritizing relationships and commitments within our polycule.

  • Metamour Communication: Gain perspectives on different styles of preferred interactions with our partners' partners.

  • Boundaries: Understand the evolution of boundary-setting in non-monogamous relationships.

  • Safer Sex Practices: Get practical guidelines for maintaining safer sexual health within a polycule.

Have questions you want us to answer? We'd love to hear from you; submit questions as you register.

Why Attend?

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Individuals curious about non-monogamy.

  • People with non-monogamous friends or family members seeking understanding.

  • Those interested in exploring the practical logistics of polyamory for themselves.

You'll leave with a greater appreciation of how a polyamorous lifestyle can be fulfilling and functional, equipped with practical tips for fostering harmony in your own relationships.

Additional Resources

Attendees will receive:

  • The recording of the conversation if you can't join us live

  • A glossary of common non-monogamy terms to help you follow the discussion

  • An opportunity to ask questions and gain deeper insights into the lived experiences of our panelists during an interactive Q&A session

  • An invitation to Aria's boundaries workshop the following night, for those who want additional guidance and frameworks on how to form relationship agreements to foster safety and clear expectations in a non-monogamous relationship ecosystem

This Event is A Fundraiser for OPEN: Support the Movement

OPEN is dedicated to passing legislation that protects alternative relationship family structures. 100% of your ticket donation will go to support OPEN’s advocacy efforts to promote positive awareness and inclusivity for fellow non-monogamous families. OPEN’s recent legislation has passed in cities like Oakland and Berkeley, safeguarding the rights of non-monogamous families. Be part of this important change!

We look forward to seeing you at Peek Inside Our Polycule.

Let's build a more inclusive and understanding world together.

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