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Co-Werking Session [Alternating Mon]

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This series has no upcoming sessions scheduled. Heard something is coming? Check back later!
About Event

This is the designated time Werkling team members will be in the co-werking space, but you are free to use this virtual co-working space whenever you want and invite other members to join you.

Getting started

If this is your first time attending a virtual co-working session through Airmeet, it will ask you to set up your Airmeet account. It takes no more than 1min.

Once you are in

Jump on a virtual table! There are only three "tables" that you can "sit at" when you first enter the virtual co-werking space: 

  • The Bounce and Brainstorm Table: For… you guessed it… bouncing ideas, sharing work challenges and brainstorming with your peers. 

  • The Focused Work Table: This is where you are head down, bum up and are keeping each other accountable. If you join this table, quickly share what you're working on at the start, then power through in silence with some friendly faces on the screen.

  • The Connect and Chat Table: Feel like a coffee break and getting to know some fellow Werklings? Jump on to this table to be among people who are up for a chat.

But here’s the fun part where you can personalise your experience: Anyone can create their own table! For example, you can create your own table and invite others on Slack to join you.

That's it! Enjoy making the space you're own and we will see you in there.