AMA With Rachel Olney, Founder of Geosite On Building an Enterprise SaaS company, Y Combinator, and Selling Into The Government

Tue, Dec 15, 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM UTC


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You're invited to this AMA with Rachel Olney, Founder of Geosite. Geosite gives organizations with a large desk-less workforce the ability to coordinate and maintain clarity on operations with satellites, drone imagery, and IOT devices. Geosite is a YC backed company

About Rachel

Rachel Olney is a Stanford University Mechanical Engineering PhD Candidate and the founder of Geosite Inc. Her academic research addresses innovation in bureaucratic and hierarchical organizations as well as mechanical and systems engineering and design. Specifically, her dissertation research is focused on elite US Cyber Command teams developing offensive and defensive cyber capabilities. Rachel has also aided the military’s efforts to leverage commercial imagery and communications platforms to create improved intelligence products and resilient operations systems.

Come to this AMA and ask Rachel anything! :)

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