Cover Image for Building AI Agents + Investors & Networking
Cover Image for Building AI Agents + Investors & Networking
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We are Open Future Forum. We are leaders, investors, founders and engineers based in the Bay Area CA.

Details: Networking, Drinks, and AI and ChatGPT conversations.

Come and Meet Featured investors

Featured VC:

Rohan Puranik

Partner at WestWave Capital

NOTE this is not a sponsored event. Buy your own drinks at the bar.

About Open Future Forum


The Open Future Forum, established in 2022, is Silicon Valley’s leading assembly of AI and technology professionals. This group, composed of top-tier AI and Web3 talents globally, promotes industry advancement and supports various stakeholders, including corporations, investors, founders, and developers.

Our team leads community initiatives, ranging from regional events and summits to virtual content, complemented by our dynamic private online hub. Our platform serves as an exclusive knowledge-sharing and Q&A space for industry leaders. We selectively partner with community-endorsed, closely aligned organizations for sponsorship. In return, sponsors gain exceptional access to influential figures in the AI field.

About the Event:

We host weekly events in Palo Alto and monthly events in San Francisco. Weekly events are on the whole networking mixers and monthly events are normally panel events.

Event History:

Over the last 12 months the leadership team have held one day events with over 2500 registrations, hackathons, networking events, demo days, pitch contests and 2 incubators. In total over 50 events in 12 months.

Connect us on Discord and join our vibrant community for online weekly events, networking opportunities, and direct pitches to VCs!

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300 Going