Dealing with feeling overwhelmed



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Academics and researchers of all career stages. 


Do you feel like you have far too many tasks and responsibilities and you are constantly ‘firefighting’?  In this workshop we take a coaching approach to dealing with feeling overwhelmed.  We use coaching tools and questions to break down your situation, context and response to get to the heart of what exactly is causing you to feel overwhelmed.  We then work towards action by considering what we have control over, what our resources are, and how we are thinking about our situations.  As academics and researchers working in higher education we will pool our collective knowledge as well as working towards solutions that will suit our individual circumstances.

 In this session participants will:

  • Reflect comprehensively on is contributing to us feeling overwhelmed

  • Systematically consider what we can control

  • Explore our thinking patterns and what might get in the way of dealing effectively with feeling overwhelmed

  • Work collaboratively in a constructive and supportive environment.


Dr Jo Collins is a coach, trainer, researcher and consultant specialising in supporting researchers and academics in the Higher Education sector.  As a coach Jo has helped many academics and researchers to identify and address challenges to staying and working well.  Jo has been working in Higher Education for the last twenty years, and her research has explored supporting doctoral students to work well, particularly through scaffolding peer mentoring and coaching skills in supervision.

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