MIDWEEK March 2: Jen Higgins-Newman | Pause and Listen



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One of the barriers to being present to one another in community is what I might call our "gut reactions" - or the immediate feeling that we agree or disagree with something someone shared, and our desire to jump in with our own story. Deep listeners still have those feelings, too. It is possible to learn how to quiet those feelings in ourselves, and the practice of doing so can be deeply spiritual.

In this practice, we will learn to listen to our inward selves in those moments, as well as learn to pause and transform our initial reaction into an opportunity for deeper listening.

​Jen Higgins-Newman is a Quaker, theologian, writer, activist, and currently the Program Director at Beacon Hill Friends House. Another fun fact: Jen used to lead worship for Evangelical congregations, and finds that singing still makes her feel in touch with the divine.

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