Join me at Upstream Festival: Reinvent Yourself and Your Career workshop (IN PERSON official Registration required)


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Are you on the right track in life? A big yet important question. Let’s together look for your answer to this question during this session. We aim to support you in finding your “why”. You’ll hear from professionals who happily pivoted their career, and you will get some valuable tips to get you that job that suits you like a glove.

REGISTER HERE (in person, max 50 participants)

Organizers: Venture Café Rotterdam & Rotterdam Expat Center, part of main program of Upstream Festival

Speakers on-site:
* Irene Anggreeni 🙋🏽‍♀️ Founder ExpatWellbeing, co-author “Power of Reinvention: Personal Stories”
* Christina Moreno, Founder & CEO SheMatters
* Bastiaan Ruitenga, former judoka , Chief Accounts receivable KRVE Rotterdam Boatmen, author “Breekpunt”
* Amelia Sealey, Career Coach B-U-Fully