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Free 2 hour Yoga & Meditation Class • Great Waltham • 09:30-11:30

Hosted by Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation
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:​ Join this free class, where you will learn to cultivate your own self-awareness as to how your energy serves you, and how to acknowledge its potential both on and off your yoga mat. The class is for those new to yoga and looking to start their journey

:: The Class will open with a brief acknowledgement of Hatha Yoga, and how the presence of dynamic and static practice can enable energy flow through the body, allowing you to move into a more harmonious existence.

​:: Hatha Yoga practice for one hour with Susan. The session is for those new to Yoga or who would like to start/ restart gently. The sessions are particularly orientated to the heart chakra (Anahata), allowing you to open space to receive, accept and love more. This is followed by a short break before Meditation with Mark.

​:: Meditation Practice for one hour with Mark, who is a Buddhist Meditation Instructor and Dharma Teacher. Mark will be covering different styles of meditation in each of the classes.

:: Bring your mat and join this unique journey to give you the union of body and Mind in 2022.

:: There is a short refreshment break from 10:20h - 1040h between the two classes.

​:: Venue is Great Waltham Village Hall, South Street, Great Waltham Essex. Please arrive in time to start the class at 09:30.

:: Maybe you would like to attend either the yoga or meditation class separately. Please see the ticketing site to do this