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Process for changing career at 50+

Hosted by Brave Starts
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Brave Starts attracts people who are intellectually curious, want to do work they enjoy and feel gives them a sense of purpose.

In this session we'll go over:

  • Why recruitment is broken for people over 50

  • The reality of career change at this stage in life

  • What steps you can take next

These meetings are not webinars. Interaction and discussion accelerates understanding and allows you to meet others.

About Lucy Standing

Lucy is a Chartered Psychologist, specialising in ageing psychology and career development. She's been called to give oral evidence in parliamentary select committees and has been instrumental in helping Brave Starts win the international award for innovation from the International Longevity Centre.

Lucy was Vice Chair of the Association for Business Psychology (the professional body for Business Psychology in the UK).

She's coached CEO's from FTSE100 companies figure out what to do next and she runs our explorer programmes.

She's very down to earth and approachable but deals best with people who are ready to take action and don't want to spend too long naval gazing.