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Path to Profitability for Food & Beverage Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Queens Tech + Innovation Challenge
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Profitability analysis is crucial for assessing your business's financial health and sustainability, especially for entrepreneurs in the CPG space. We will delve into the essential financial metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that you should be tracking. We'll also dissect on different revenue channels, shedding light on opportunities for growth and the optimization of existing revenue streams. Additionally, we'll examine the importance of customer concentration and diversity and how these factors can impact your profitability

​This workshop is part of the 2024 Queens Tech + Innovation Challenge online workshop series. Participants will have a chance to win a $20K grant for their startup businesses. Applications are due March 1, 2023. Learn more at

​About the speaker:

Deepika Phakke, Founder and CEO of Nama Water - a bottled water brand based in San Francisco. They're on a mission to deliver ethically sourced water that respects both people and the planet. Deepika spent the last decade working at Google, growing their $20bn media ads business. Last year she left her job to follow her passion to create a sustainable, joyful world & started working on her company Nama Water full time. She founded Nama Water in the pandemic & ever since has been working relentlessly to make the beverage industry sustainable & ethical one bottle at a time.

​Besides Nama, she is passionate about giving back, helping other founders; practicing yoga & meditation in her spare time.