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Raising Your Rates w/ Josh Krakauer & Jasmine Williams

Hosted by David & Tyler Hakes
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Are you working long hours, doing great work, and putting your all into your freelance business or agency...

And then being left wondering whether all the hard work and effort is worth it when you look over your finances?

Don't worry.

Because in this Live Office Hours, Sculpt Founder and CEO Josh Krakauer and Content Marketing Consultant and Freelancer Coach Jasmine Williams are joining Tyler to teach you everything you need to know about raising your rates.

Here's what they're going to cover

  • How to know it’s the right time to raise your rates

  • How to decide how much you should be charging

  • How to raise your rates (without losing all your clients)

  • What you can be doing now to ensure you’re going to be able to raise your rates down the line

  • When it makes sense to give a client a discounted rate

About Josh

Josh Krakauer is the CEO of Sculpt, a B2B social media marketing agency with clients and team members around the globe. Josh started Sculpt in 2012 with a mission to connect clients with their human customers more humanly. Since then, Sculpt has overseen social media campaigns that have generated millions in pipeline, launched best-selling books, and convinced tech workers to move to Iowa.

Josh credits a “hustle and heart” mindset in getting Sculpt from $500/mo retainers to Fortune 500 clients (and making every pricing mistake in the book, which he’ll proudly share).

About Jasmine

Jasmine Williams is an award-winning writer, content marketing expert, and the founder of Jasmine Williams Media, a boutique content marketing consultancy serving a global roster of industry-leading companies and visionaries. She’s also the founder of Click-worthy Creatives, an education hub and community for freelance creatives. Jasmine helps creative entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and growth-stage startups scale their businesses with strategic storytelling.