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Proven Strategies for Startup Fundraising

Hosted by Jason Yeh
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*Missed part I of the workshop? Don't worry, we'll be sending a recording to attendees of pt. II & III.

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Startup Founders, if the thought of fundraising makes you want to puke, know this: you're not alone.

This workshop is for founders planning to fundraise who are trying to decipher all the games and strategies that go into the process. It can be confusing, exhausting, and frustrating to the point where it feels impossible. All founders, even experienced ones, go through it.

Get your spot in this 3-part founder's workshop to gain the most powerful strategies Jason Yeh uses to guide dozens of effective fundraises as a founder, investor, and advisor. 

Make sure to stay until the end, where Jason will reserve time for Q&A and interaction with attendees!