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Welcome to Cosmosphere: Your Journey to Becoming a Cosmonaut!

Have you ever wondered about the tech that powers Cosmos Ecosystem? Look no further! At Cosmosphere, we're here to break it down for you. Our program is like a guided adventure, helping you master the ins and outs of the ecosystem and paving your path to becoming a true Cosmonaut. Plus, during Cosmosphere, you'll get an inside peek into the exciting projects and tech of Cosmoverse Week.


Why Cosmosphere?

To become a Cosmonaut.

The main purpose of Cosmosphere is to bring new faces to the Cosmos Ecosystem and turn them into Cosmonauts.

For Whom?

New to Cosmos? No problem!

If you're intrigued by Cosmoverse week but need the basics of Cosmos, we've got you covered.

Already know a bit about Cosmos but want to chat with the brains behind IBC, Comet BFT, and Cosmos SDK? This event is a must.

Looking to reinforce your Cosmos smarts, attend beginner-friendly sessions, and dive into mind-blowing Cosmos Ecosystem projects while hearing from the creators themselves? Yep, you're in for a treat.

Cosmosphere welcomes everyone aboard, from total newbies to seasoned enthusiasts. Our goal? Take you from zero to hero in understanding Cosmos Ecosystem and nurturing your Cosmonaut journey. Take advantage of this cosmic experience!

What will I learn?

From 0 to 1

Cosmosphere is an event designed to take your Cosmos knowledge from scratch to one.

Our Speakers

Ethan Buchman

CEO | Informal Systems
Co-Founder of Cosmos and Tendermint


Zaki Manian

Co-Founder of Sommelier Protocol
Tendermint, iqlusion


Marko Baricevic

O1 Binary Builders
Cosmos SDK Product Owner


Jack Zampolin

Co-Founder of Strangelove Crypto
Tendermint, Akash Network


Event Venue

Grand Pera - Emek Sahnesi | Taksim Istanbul

Located in the Cercle d'Orient building, which was built by the famous architect Alexandre Vallaury in 1882, Grand Pera is located on Istiklal Street, the heart of Istanbul. 
Located on the most touristic and busy street of the city, the Cercle d'Orient building hosts Turkey's oldest cinema, Emek Theather.