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Maintaining a Data-Driven Practice as a PM with Mostafa, Sr Director of Product @ Snapcommerce

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Mostafa is the Head of Product at Snapcommerce, where he leads a team of 20+ Product Managers, Product Designers, and Researchers. He's helped expand the product from a single product in a single market (Travel) to a multi-product company that operates in different markets across Travel, E-commerce, and Fintech.

Join us as Mostafa shares insights from his career on the importance of using data to improve customer experiences and maximize impact in any organization.

Check out the Snapcommerce careers Page and the Snapcommerce Medium Publication

Learn the importance of being data driven as a Product Manager and how to leverage data to make better decisions. Discover the best practices when it comes to understanding what product metrics will move your business forward and how use data appropriately.

This event is open and free to all, regardless of where you are in your career.

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7:40 - 8:00 PM EST: Optional Networking

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