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Seedscout Demo Day

Tue, Nov 9, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM UTC


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Seedscout is excited to be partnering with Stonks on a pre-seed demo day. On November 9th, 3 companies will be joining us to share their story while dozens of investors listen and evaluate who to invest in. This is a pre-seed demo day, meaning this is likely giving you the shot to invest in a startup's first or second round. Joining us at this Seedscout demo day are a few great panelists.

Panelists For Seedscout Demo Day

Seema Amble - Partner at a16z

Mar Hershenson - GP at Pear.VC

Mat Sherman - Founder @ Seedscout

If you're looking for exposure to the highest quality early stage companies, the Seedscout demo day is where you need to be. See you there.

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