Cover Image for **dAGI House** hackathon
Cover Image for **dAGI House** hackathon
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About Event

We are a hackathon & hacker house dedicated to developing Decentralized AI.

dAGI House is co-organized by cyber•Fund and Epic Web3.


This summer, in a beautiful location in Brussels, we will spend three days discussing, brainstorming and building decentralized AI. And, of course, win great prizes and have fun.

Our goal is to explore the design space for AI applications, agents, and protocols, and to ensure that it will be equally accessible to everyone, unbiased, and personalized. Thus, slowly building a decentralized AGI.


>> Fri, Jul 5th‍
14:00 – Event Registration OPENS at the venue!
15:00­ — 19:00 – Technical Workshops and Mentoring Sessions

>> Sat, Jul 6th

12:00 — 14:00 – Project Feedback Session

>> Sun, Jul 7th
14:00 – Submission Deadline
14:30 — 16:30 – Project Judging
17:00 – Closing Ceremony

Beautiful venue in the heart of Brussels!

**dAGI House** online pre-conference and workshop series

We will also hold an Online Pre-Conference with Hands-on hacker preparation workshops, lectures and 𝕏 spaces as a warm-up for our offline hackathon which will take place in July in Brussels.

Register now so as not to miss new details on the agenda! All sessions will be streamed to YouTube.

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Telegram: @annadeinego

Silversquare Bailli - Coworking space in Brussels
Av. Louise 231, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium