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Stream Processing

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Real-time analytics with RisingWave - Noel Kwan

In this hands-on workshop, we will learn how to ingest data into RisingWave to do data processing, learn common streaming patterns, and how to integrate it as part of a data pipeline. We will learn how to do so, by using Ride-Hailing data as a case study.

  • We will first have an overview of Stream Processing, and how RisingWave supports it via Incremental View Maintenance. 

  • Then, we will dive into concrete patterns. For instance, we will cover stateful queries such as joins to combine various sources of information, as well as aggregations which can be used to provide further analytics.

  • We will also have a look at how RisingWave integrates with the larger data ecosystem, by plugging in external components like Kafka, so we can ingest and sink data to and from these components.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to create a well-integrated end-to-end stream processing pipeline for Ride-Hailing, which can do serving, data processing, and analytics.

About the speaker:

Noel works as a Database Kernel Engineer at RisingWave, building a cost-effective and scalable database solution designed to streamline data processing and query serving.

He Focuses on Performance and reliability and has worked on fuzzing tools such as SqlSmith and performance-related features such as Backfill. And previously studied at NUS, with a focus on Programming Languages

This event is sponsored by RisingWave. Thanks for supporting us!

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