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馃審 24-Hour Writing Sprint: Around the World in 24 Writers' Hours [FREE]

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Join us for a 24-Hour Writing Sprint!

Each week day for the last 3 years, we've held our flagship Writers' Hour writing session.

To celebrate our 3rd year of Writers' Hours, we're hosting 24 Writers' Hours across 24 hours. Together we'll write across time zones from London to Tokyo, from Melbourne to Montana, from your home to ours. You鈥檙e invited to join us for any or all of them no matter where you鈥檙e based.

Bring your friends, bring your pets, bring a hot drink, bring fizz and whatever else you need.

Hosted by members of the LWS community.

Register to let us know you're coming.

Scroll down for more details.

Happy writing!

Parul, Matt & the London Writers' Salon Community

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鈥媁e鈥檙e hosting 24 鈥榃riters鈥 Hour鈥 writing sessions, chasing 8ams across 24 timezones around the world.

鈥嬧媁e鈥檒l start on Friday 24th March at 8-9am in Wellington, New Zealand (Friday 7pm UK, Friday 3pm ET, etc.). Not surewhat time that is for you? Check your local time聽here.

鈥嬧媁e鈥檒l finish on Saturday 25th March at 8-9am in Honolulu, Hawaii (Saturday 6-7pm UK, Friday 3pm ET, etc.)

鈥嬧媃ou鈥檙e welcome to join one, several, or all 24 hours if you dare鈥

鈥嬧媁e鈥檒l use the same zoom link for all 24 hours. Register to get access.


  • 鈥嬧婨ach of the 24 Writers鈥 Hours will begin on the hour, at minute聽:00.

  • 鈥嬧婩rom minute聽:01 to :05, the host will greet everyone, share the prompt/quote for the hour, you鈥檒l set your focus for the hour in the chat box.

  • 鈥嬧婣t聽:05, you鈥檒l cheers your drinks and start writing!

  • 鈥嬧婩rom聽:05 to :50, you鈥檒l write in silence (cameras on if you鈥檇 like some accountability!).

  • 鈥嬧婣t聽:50, the host will call you back. You鈥檒l be invited to share in the chat how the writing session went for you. The host may also call on a couple people to share what they鈥檙e working on.

  • 鈥嬧婣t聽:55, the host will conclude the hour. There will be a 5-minute break and transition period before the next hour begins.

  • 鈥嬧嬧nd repeat!



鈥嬧婨ach Writers鈥 Hour will have a different theme, chosen by the host of the hour.

鈥嬧媃ou鈥檙e welcome to steer your writing according to the theme 鈥撀爋r simply use the hour to write whatever you like! Totally up to you.

鈥嬧婬ere are the cities, hosts and themes for each hour:

  1. 鈥嬧8am Wellington, New Zealand
    Hosts:聽Parul & Matt

  2. 鈥嬧8am Suva, Fiji
    Hosts:聽Stephane & Chris

  3. 鈥嬧8am Melbourne, Australia
    Hosts:聽 Jodi & Nicolas

  4. 鈥嬧8am Brisbane, Australia
    Hosts:聽Chelsey & Lauren M

  5. 鈥嬧8am Tokyo, Japan
    Hosts:聽Lauren M & Crystal

  6. 鈥嬧8am Singapore
    Hosts:聽Lauren M & Stuart C (owner, Horror Tree)

  7. 鈥嬧8am Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    Hosts:聽Lauren D & Patricia

  8. 鈥嬧8am Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Hosts:聽Lauren D & Marian

  9. 鈥嬧8am Mal茅, Maldives
    Hosts:聽Lauren D & Marian

  10. 鈥嬧8am Port Louis, Mauritius
    Hosts:聽Breanne & TBC

  11. 鈥嬧8am Antananarivo, Madagaskar
    Hosts:聽Marian E & Sue DF

  12. 鈥嬧8am Helsinki, Finland
    Hosts:聽Tracy B & Marien E

  13. 鈥嬧8am Berlin, Germany
    Hosts:聽Abbey & Nicolas

  14. 鈥嬧8am London, United Kingdom
    Hosts:聽Abbey & Sofia

  15. 鈥嬧8am Cape Verde
    Hosts:聽Abbey & Tracy B

  16. 鈥嬧8am Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
    Hosts:聽Sue R & Tracy O

  17. 鈥嬧8am Nuuk, Greenland
    Hosts:聽Sarah E & Tracy O

  18. 鈥嬧8am New York, USA
    Hosts:聽Alli & Christy

  19. 鈥嬧8am Lima, Peru
    Hosts:聽Phoebe H & TBC

  20. 鈥嬧8am Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
    Hosts:聽Chelsey & Sarah E

  21. 鈥嬧8am San Francisco, USA
    Hosts:聽Austen & Alex

  22. 鈥嬧8am Anchorage, USA
    Hosts:聽Jodi H & Sarah C

  23. 鈥嬧8am Gambier Islands, French Polynesia
    Hosts:聽Jodi & Christy

  24. 鈥嬧8am Honolulu, Hawaii
    Hosts:聽Molly & Tracy B