Cover Image for Street Wisdom In-Person Walkshop in Los Angeles, United States, 6th July 2024, 9am PST
Cover Image for Street Wisdom In-Person Walkshop in Los Angeles, United States, 6th July 2024, 9am PST
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Street Wisdom In-Person Walkshop in Los Angeles, United States, 6th July 2024, 9am PST

Hosted by Street Wisdom & Liz Mohler, M.S. PCC
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Join Liz Mohler for a 1.5 hour in-person Street Wisdom Walkshop in Los Angeles!

What is Street Wisdom?

Street Wisdom is an everyday creative practice you use as you walk. A smart fusion of mindfulness, neuroscience, imagination and wellness, it unlocks minds and unblocks creativity with every step. The perfect complement to static meditation, Street Wisdom takes you on a physical journey that not only calms and clears the mind, but opens up the subconscious to new ideas. Not to mention the potential health benefits of walking outdoors. All without having to travel to exotic climes or retreats. Suddenly, every street is full of inspiration. And whatever your questions, we are finding answers everywhere. 

What can I expect from an in-person Walkshop?

You'll meet the volunteer host at the announced time. The host will introduce everyone to the Walkshop and to the ideas behind Street Wisdom before setting you off. The Walkshop is in three parts. First, there's the Tune Up, where you will go on three micro-walks by yourself using the host's guidance. Then there's the Quest, which is the heart of the experience, a longer walk by yourself, and an opportunity to ask the streets a question and get some fresh answers. After you've done that, you'll come back as a group and Share what you learn with each other. It's such a simple, wonderful, potentially transformative experience!

Hang on, this is free?

Yes! Street Wisdom is a non-profit on a mission to bring inspiration to every street on planet earth. We were founded by the arts and business innovator, David Pearl, after he noticed his work with clients always got to newer, deeper places when he walked outdoors with them. David's mission has always been to make and keep Street Wisdom free for everyone. If you are drawn to support our work, please do make a donation. Thank you.

Stay streetwise

The Street Wisdom Walkshop has a risk disclaimer (see below) which you agree to by making a booking. This is to remind you that the wonderful big outdoor world - as well as potentially containing fresh new insights, ideas and intention - contains all sorts of things including risks, and so it's important to be vigilant. We think Street Wisdom is about heightening your awareness, the kind that means you're becoming more alert, rather than zoning out. So importantly: have fun, find your Street Wisdom, but also be streetwise. 

More questions?

Find out more on our FAQ page or watch this video below.

Risk disclaimer

All Street Wisdom events are run by volunteers and participants take part at their own risk. Whilst any personal injury or loss is unlikely, we encourage participants to remain vigilant when out on the streets and we are not liable for any injury or loss caused when taking part in a Street Wisdom activity.

Cafe Milan
205 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293, USA
Plenty of free parking!
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