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Halt the Harm Network Calls 2022



This is a multi-session event. Please select how you would like to join.
Thu, Sep 1
6:00 PM
Thu, Oct 6
6:00 PM
Thu, Nov 3
6:00 PM
Thu, Dec 1
7:00 PM

Event Information

Join people from across Halt the Harm Network in a call/Zoom to keep each other informed on what's happening in different campaigns and areas. Connect with leaders, learn about different campaigns, share tips, and meet other people affected by the harms of fracking and oil & gas.

Pre-Call (15 minutes early, everyone's welcome!)

  • Introductions go-around for new members

Call Agenda (Starts on the hour)

  • 5 minutes of Introductions

  • Announcements, Shares and Updates.  - What is good and new? What do you need help with? What is upcoming?  

  • Discussion (stack)

Halt the Harm Network is dedicated to helping you to connect with advocates, organizers, and experts working to protect their communities from oil & gas. Learn more, and watch a 3-minute introduction here.