Cover Image for 🧠 GenAI Collective 🐰 Design Buddies πŸš€Ansh Mehra 🧠 The GenAI 🀝 Product Workshop You've All Been Waiting For
Cover Image for 🧠 GenAI Collective 🐰 Design Buddies πŸš€Ansh Mehra 🧠 The GenAI 🀝 Product Workshop You've All Been Waiting For
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🧠 GenAI Collective 🐰 Design Buddies πŸš€Ansh Mehra 🧠 The GenAI 🀝 Product Workshop You've All Been Waiting For

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San Francisco, California
Past Event
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​Product people in the house!!!

​It's time. It's your year to shine. GenAI is the hottest topic in the world, and last year the developers were dominating the conversation. Essentially, it was "demo days" - where limited value actually accrued for the users.

​This is where you come in. You are aligning your stakeholders to customer needs. You are working with devs and designers and all your exec stakeholders to craft thoughtful solutions for your users’ problems. You are leveraging all the tools in your toolkits to build amazing product - and boy oh boy, do you have new tools.

​This event is to empower you and get you JAZZED for the incredible advances to the industry that you will drive!

​The GenAI Collective is partnering with Design Buddies (the world's largest design community) and Ansh Mehra (the world's best design YouTuber) to host the hottest GenAI <> Product workshop there ever was.

​You don't want to miss this. We don't want you to miss this. The ecosystem needs you.

​Run of Show

  • ​5:30pm: Doors open

  • ​6:10pm: Workshop run by Ansh Mehra

  • ​7:00pm: Open mingling

  • ​7:30pm: Expert panel + Q&A

  • ​8:10pm: Open mingling


​As always, food and drink, engaging conversation, and incredible company will all be provided!

​See you there. Let's build 🀩

​Additionally, we are looking for sponsors to help us feed our lovely product people and support the community. Please send sponsorship inquiries to

​​Please be advised: Unfortunately, space is very limited at these community events and we can not always accept everyone we would like to. If you are not accepted to this event, please keep applying! We appreciate your application tremendously and we are looking forward to seeing you at a future event very soon!

​​​The GenAI Collective is a growing community of 8,000+ founders, researchers, operators, and investors built around a shared curiosity for AI. Through incredible in-person events and vibrant online forums, members leverage their diverse perspectives and innovative minds to foster meaningful relationships, solve challenging problems, and define the future of AI.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Design Buddies is a community where you level up your design career. Land jobs, improve your design skills, and make friends. We have resources, events, design challenges, job boards, fun perks, and more.Β Founded by Grace Ling.

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San Francisco, California
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