Cover Image for 2024 Scale Out Program Demo Day
Cover Image for 2024 Scale Out Program Demo Day
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2024 Scale Out Program Demo Day

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2024 Scale Out Program Demo Day

Join us in person for 2024 Scale Out Program Demo Day in New York City, at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, June 21st!

Let’s meet 10 startups working across a wide array of categories, including medical devices, fintech, materials, climate, and digital health, with innovations ranging from blockchain and graphene to surgical device solutions and diagnostics. Welcome to register to get the 2024 Scale Out Program Dealbook!

Agenda -
1:00 PM: Arrival and Check In
1:30 PM: Opening
1:50 PM: Pitch 1
2:40 PM: Panel speaking
3:00 PM: Break
3:30 PM: Pitches 2
4:20 PM: Networking

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Biology Techs:

  • Startup 1: Aulea Medical is reimagining the future of urological treatment with the first and only all-in-one and single-use solution to provide safer, cheaper, and simpler results for patients, doctors, and hospitals.

  • Startup 2: Astron Medtech develops a minimally invasive surgical system for ligament and tendon repair to reduce complications to 1% and 50% of surgical time.

  • Startup 3: Preteeth AI uses AI to automate dental restoration designs to make same-day dentistry the new standard.


  • Startup 4: AUTOPASS transforms the driving experience for car owners across the globe by providing a cutting-edge software solution.

  • Startup 5: MACROMICRO provides a Premier Macro Data Analytics Platform for Every Investor

  • Startup 6: Oen tech is a one-stop integrated cash flow cloud platform to meet your multiple needs from information security to management

MediaTech / Blockchain:

  • Startup 7: Numbers Protocol is building a decentralized network to ensure provenance for all kinds of creativities made by both humans and AI.


  • Startup 8: Taiwan Carbon Materials Corp specializes in the research and development of heat dissipation materials, lithium batteries for electric vehicles, and greenhouse gas capture materials to enhance battery efficiency, reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions, and provide efficient and environmentally friendly solutions through green manufacturing processes.

Precision Poultry Farming:

  • Startup 9: Calyx helps create a more sustainable and resilient food supply chain with advanced sensors and computer vision algorithms


  • Startup 10: Jmem Technology provides comprehensive hardware security solutions to combat counterfeiting and offers post-quantum security features for chips.

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