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Develop Your Unique Knowledge Stack

Hosted by David Perell
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Ana Fabrega’s life changed in a big way once she discovered and used her specific knowledge. Specific knowledge is that combination of your unique abilities, knowledge, and experiences. It’s that place only YOU occupy. When you find your specific knowledge, and begin using it, you become unstoppable.

Not that this is an easy journey by any means. Ana will be the first to tell you that.

“How is what I have to share different from anything other educators are sharing?,” she once asked herself. "How many people besides educators would be interested in my ideas around alternative education and new ways to learn?" 

She was frustrated and tired from the long hours spent working in a broken system, and for far too little pay.

Ana’s fortunes changed when she started publishing an email newsletter based around her specific knowledge, which is in the field of childhood education. She began racking up a large following on Twitter. New opportunities began rolling in from all directions. She eventually found her dream team. It was an education startup, made up of passionate, ambitious, hard working folks who shared Ana’s crazy passion for education and innovation. 

By tapping into her specific knowledge, and publishing it into the world, Ana was able to create a life of meaning and joy. Write of Passage played an instrumental part in her success on this journey, and she now wants to share her story with others who may find this course helpful.

Join Ana and David on this upcoming Zoom call as they discuss Ana’s journey, both the highlights and the hard times. Also hear their best advice on how you can best harness your specific knowledge in a way that grows both your career and your happiness.