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Community Hacked: 1st Ever Member Gathering!

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About Event

Community Hacked span out of On Deck’s Community Builders Fellowship (ODCB) as ​​a collective producing a monthly event series where we’ve hosted top community speakers from Notion, Shopify, Canva and more.

Two weeks ago, with the news of the closure of ODCB, we decided to build our own curated community with the mission of creating a vibrant place community-builders want to come to first when they have questions about engagement or growth.

As we all know, vibrant places don't just happen. They are crafted, and they grow based on the sense of connection and belonging that residents feel.

As such, we want to start creating dedicated spaces for our new community members to meet each other. This event will be the first of those.

It is purposefully short, as everyone is busy and this place is new. Let's start small and evolve from here :-)

We really hope you can come.