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Canoe Camping Q&A Session

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This Q&A is for Canoe Camping Wknd. Learn more about that trip here.

You're looking at that Canoe Camping Wknd, but it's not cheap. So, you have questions like:⁠

​🤔 What kind of gear and equipment will I need?⁠

🤔 ​What should I pack for my trip?⁠

🤔 ​How should I dress?⁠

​🤔 What if I don't know how to paddle, will there be instructions?⁠

​🤔 Will there be roundtrip shuttle? And if so, where are the pickups? And what time should I be there?⁠

​🤔 Is there a discount?

🤔 ​I'm driving myself to the destination - what time should I meet?⁠

​🤔 Tell me more about the destination?⁠

​🤔 Who else is going? Which hosts are going?⁠

​There are a ton of variables you need to know before you go. And this Trip Q&A is all about getting those questions answered.⁠

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