Dog Cognition: Learn What Your Dog Is Thinking

Apr 9 (Fri), 12:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time ·Zoom


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Event Information

Join Petminded for an interactive workshop to learn what your dog is thinking, while supporting Elizabeth's care provided by Barks for Love rescue. If you can't attend in person we will make a recording available within one week of the event.

We are requiring a small donation between $5-$10 for Elizabeth’s medical needs. Donations can be made here: Event Donation, please add the phrase Petminded Event in your notes and your registration will be approved!

Giveaway: There are 3 giveaways valued at $20 each to 3 lucky registrants!

What is Dog Cognition? Dog Cognition is the study of how your dog thinks and understands the world. The latest research in this area can teach pet parents how to communicate with their dog, understand their needs and provide a safe, healthy and happy life. This Dog Cognition workshop will be led by Petminded's Resident Dog Scientist.

We will be playing a cognition game with our dogs during this event. If you would like to participate please have handy:

  • Your Dog

  • KONG or wobbly toy

  • Treats to stuff the toy with

  • Pen and paper

  • Timer

Who is Elizabeth? Elizabeth (pictured above) is a four year old chihuahua rescued by Barks Of Love rescue after she was hit by car and lost all four of her puppies. She currently requires extensive medical care. Your donation to Barks of Love will directly support her care.

What is Petminded? Petminded is a community for dog parents who want the latest science backed insights about their dog -- so they can give their dogs safe, healthy and happy lives. We offer events, courses and a membership platform where you can learn different topics in dog science such as cognition, behavior, training and more. Learn more about us here: Petminded

What is Barks Of Love? Barks of Love is a 501(C)(3) Non Profit based in Orange County California. They are a resource for the welfare of abandoned and abused animals in Orange County, CA. All dogs are kept in private foster homes where they receive the medical care and affection they require until a "forever home" is found that is deemed suitable by Barks of Love. The adoption process consists of screening applicants, dog "meet and greets", and a home check. At least 75% of the organization's time and effort is spent on rescue and rehabilitation.

Please donate to Barks of Love at this link when you sign up for this event: Event Donation

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