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Day 3: Hiring and Being Hired - hosted by Propel & M13

We're excited to close out our event series off with a day for job searchers, founders, and hiring managers

Dugal Bain-Kim, Cofounder at Lifeforce
Su Sanni, Founder of Dollaride
Lisa LaCascia, Senior Manager of People & Talent at Milo
Chudi Iregbulem, CEO at Beatmatch

Lifeforce was founded in Santa Monica, CA, by leaders in medicine, technology, science, entertainment, sport, and business, all united by a mission to improve the quality of midlife for ourselves and the people close to us.

We believe it's possible to go from good to great — at any age — provided you have access to the right information, tools, and expertise. By integrating at-home diagnostics, clinical-grade nutraceuticals, safe and effective hormone optimization, and expert medical support, Lifeforce delivers performance plans for your biology, your goals, and your life.

Dollaride is a mobility company for communities underserved by public transit. We eliminate transit desserts by using data intelligence.  

In NYC, Dollaride provides an app-based shuttle service between first/last mile transit gaps in the outer boroughs. Clients of our B2B service include large employers, universities, business improvement districts, and commercial property owners. Dollaride provides their daily commuters access to jobs, housing, healthcare, and other venues through our affordable and reliable commuter shuttle service.

Milo is on the mission to build a digital bank providing financial solutions for global and crypto consumers.  Reimagining the way global consumers access credit and financial services in a borderless world, we are the first digital home lending solution for global consumers and investors to buy or cash out on their US real estate.

Beatmatch, a Techstars-backed company, built a dating app that helps music lovers find relationships by matching people with similar music tastes. Music influences everything from what you believe, to how you dress, to the way you talk and studies show it is proven to be one of the best predictors for relationship success; over 45% of daters say "bad music taste" could be a relationship deal breaker. With Beatmatch, you simply connect your Spotify or Apple Music account and we match you with compatible music lovers in your area based on your listening history. You can also plan your first dates by browsing recommended concerts and music festivals, seeing who’s interested, and buying tickets directly in the app. The company is founded by Chudi Iregbulem, former Amazon and ESPN product manager and software engineer as well as nightclub DJ. To date, Beatmatch has raised capital from Techstars, Warner Music Group, Concord Music, Visible Hands VC, and angel investors and launched its beta on January 29th in Seattle, WA.

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