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Day 3: Hiring and Being Hired - hosted by Propel & M13

We're excited to kick off the final day with a panel and Q&A session for founders and hiring managers.

Meet the speakers:
Paul Klein, Cofounder of Stream Club (acquired by Mux)
Anne Solmssen, CTO at Ethena
Hudson Brock, Founder of AlloHire

Hiring the right engineers and setting them up for success makes the different between good startups and great ones. In this panel we draw upon the technical background and hiring experiences of three accomplished leaders to demystify how and uncover best practices. We'll discuss everything you want to know about hiring engineers, partnering with a technical co-founder, and building out your engineering team in this competitive technical talent market.

About their companies

Stream Club
Stream Club is the easiest way to design, produce, and broadcast a beautiful live stream straight from your browser. A small team of musicians, travel journalists, cyclists, make-up gurus who've built products used by millions at companies like Spotify, Cameo, Omni, Apple, Meraki, DoNotPay, and Twilio. Stream Club was acquired by Mux in December 2021.

Ethena is a compliance training platform—with informative, cringe-free content delivered through innovative methods—that actually works. Founded by two women, a military veteran and a software engineer. Ethena is backed by all-star investors and advised by some of the biggest names in the compliance game.

With it’s allocentric approach to talent acquisition, AlloHire is a glitch in the tech recruiting matrix. Based in Chattanooga, TN, AlloHire is a boutique recruiting agency built on the belief that relationships have the highest ROI. In March of 2021, Hudson Brock saw that demand for technical talent was outpacing supply and launched AlloHire to help mission-driven companies close the gap. In its first 10 months AlloHire has grown 10x by leveraging the global gig-economy and local gig-internet to build a network of technologists. “We love strategizing about how bits and bytes can build a beautiful tomorrow,” said Hudson Brock, founder.

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