Stoa School w/ Austen Allred : Rethinking Education from First Principles



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​Why did genuine learning start to feel so subversive, rebellious, and revolutionary?

​What exactly went wrong with universities and conventional education?

​How can we rethink education from first principles?

​How can we leverage the internet and the power of online communities for learning?

​How do you grow an audience on Twitter?

​For answers to all of these questions and a lot more, join Austen, Raj, and Aditya in this fireside chat at Stoa School as they share insights on the future of education and learning communities.

​Austen is the Founder and CEO of Lambda School, a Y Combinator-backed startup that gives ambitious individuals a free CS education until they get a well-paying job. And of course, if you're active on Twitter and within EdTech circles, Austen needs no introduction.

​Also, this is his first public conversation with Indian founders β€” his first real glimpse into the Indian startup ecosystem. So let's show him what we're all about, shall we?

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