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For the past year we tried our best to support young artists and the scene, but now we’d like to do a bit more.

On March, 13th we’ll blow out our first candle and for this occasion we teamed up with 17 international labels and organization to throw the hardest digital rave ever in a 2 days virtual event.

The event will be streamed for free on our official channels (Mixcloud, Twitch, Youtube) but this time, a small fee will be required to join the Zoom party.

We think every artist deserves to be paid for their art.

This is our best shot to directly support the artists participating in the event.



DAY 1 - 12th March:

Diego Navarro, (SP)

Lack, (UK) x Cong Burn

WOUWIUWA, (TR) x Table record label

T0ni, (IT/AU) x Soul Feeder

Tom Ashkin, (ZA) x Show and tell records

Happy New Tears, (NL) x TodaysArt + Shape

Moesha13, (FR) x TodaysArt + Shape

Coach Wash, (US) x CW Tech

Yulav, (RU) x Widows Collective

Giselle Guedes, (BR) x Mass London


9pm UTC+1 Mélanie Courtinat (FR) will present a performance in collaboration with 3 dancers, whose bodies and movements will be translated into aethereal visuals through the artist's AR environment

11pm UTC+1 Vittoria Elena Simone (IT) will be streaming gan visuals applied to the music set by Happy New Tears


Labels/Organizations involved:

Cong Burn (UK), CW Tech (US), Mass London (UK), Midlife Music (BE), Serious Betty (CA), Shape Platform (EU), Shouka (FR-TN), Show and Tell Records (DE), Soul Feeder (IT), Table Records (TU), TodaysArt (NL), Umami Collective (AU), Widows Collective (DE), Il Tempio Daylight (IT), Unseelie (US), Blueberry Records (US).


Let’s all reunite together <3

Let’s all dance together <3

Thank you,

Covid Room team.

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