Creating Security Awareness with Dominique West, Senior Cloud Security Consultant

Nov 17 (Tue), 11:00 PM - Nov 18 (Wed), 12:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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Join us to learn how to be more aware of all things Cybersecurity. Dominique is a well-respected leader and the security space and has a well known and recognized podcast called security and color where she shares the most up-to-date news and security and turns it into a parable and understandable information for all. Bring all of your security questions and learn how to improve your security health.

About Dominique West, Senior Cloud Security Consultant

Dominique West is currently a Senior Cloud Security Specialist and creator of the Security in Color cybersecurity podcast. Achieving her CISSP and Master’s degree in cybersecurity, Dominique is deeply passionate about cloud security & cyber awareness, with 8 years of experience in IT spanning risk, vulnerability, incident and response, cloud transformation & security across the commercial industries.

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