Cover Image for Unleashing Multimodal Models - MLOps Community South Bay Meetup
Cover Image for Unleashing Multimodal Models - MLOps Community South Bay Meetup
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Unleashing Multimodal Models - MLOps Community South Bay Meetup

Hosted by Hari Masoor & 3 others
Past Event
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Join us for our third South Bay event of the year!

Are you actively involved in groundbreaking projects utilizing Large Multimodal Models, or are you intrigued by this groundbreaking technology? We invite you to join us for an amazing event that will explore the complexities and possibilities of Multimodal Models. Discover how these models transcend traditional text-based approaches and delve into their diverse applications, advancements, and promising future. Don't limit yourself to text—embrace the boundless potential of multimodality!

🎙️ Our Speakers

Hamza Farooq is the Founder of, a unified platform streamlining proprietary information search across various formats like PDFs, text files, sheets, and code repositories within workplaces. Reading text might be easy with LLMs, however when you are reading PDFs with charts and tables - you only process the text and not the charts. In this talk he will explore various techniques using multimodal models to ingest important charts and tables and explore how you can make them part of the RAG architecture.

Anup Gosavi is the Co-Founder of VideoDB, a next-gen serverless infrastructure that introduces a database-level abstraction to multimedia. Large Language Models (LLMs) excel with text but fall short in helping you consume or create video clips because constructing a RAG pipeline for text is relatively straightforward, thanks to the tools developed for parsing, indexing, and retrieving text data. However, in his talk titled "Multimodal RAG pipelines for video", he will be addressing the challenges of adapting RAG models for video content which combines visual, auditory, and textual elements, requiring more processing power and sophisticated video pipelines.

Kelsey Pederson, CTO of Capsule in her talk "CV with Fashion Colors", demystifies the process of extracting and applying fashion colors from product images to enhance e-commerce search algorithms.

Yi Ding is Head of TypeScript and Partnerships at LlamaIndex, the opensource framework to use LLMs with data. In his talk, he will explore the recent advances in multimodal LLMs, or Large Multimodal Models, along with what it means for the RAG applications, and what the gaps are still in our ability to process multimodal data.

​📆 Agenda

  • 5:45pm: Doors open

  • 6:15pm: Greetings!

  • 6:30pm: Presentations begin

  • 8:00pm: Meet and mingle with our speakers

​Special thanks to Plug and Play for being an amazing venue partner and hosting this event!

​​Please be advised: Unfortunately, space is quite limited at these community events and we can not always accept everyone we would like to. If you are not accepted to this event, please keep applying! We appreciate your application tremendously and we are looking forward to seeing you at a future event very soon!

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