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Boris has hosted discussions and given presentations on this general topic for several years now.

The basic premise is two fold.

1) There are a number of emerging code licenses that are not the same as classic open source licenses that are 30+ years old

2) Changing licenses may lead to greater success for code maintainers

Review of some emerging licenses and approaches — Cross Licensing Collaboratives, Parity / Prosperity, "Fair" Licenses vs Open source

Code and the digital bits aren't a scarce resources — they can be infinitely copied. But support, maintenance, dealing with security and issues ARE a scarce resource.

Some previous presentations and resources:


Join us for an overview of some emerging licenses, bring your questions and topics of discussions, and share what has and hasn’t worked for you.

Please share additional comments and resources in the forum https://talk.fission.codes/t/emerging-code-licensing/2530

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