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10x FilterCoffee Subscribers: Live Brainstorming

Hosted by Stoa 🦁
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About Event

Have you ever wondered about how founders and people responsible for growth in a startup brainstorm their strategies to grow? 🤔

Well, there is no way to know unless you are a part of a growth team in a startup.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered 😎. We are hosting an event in a live case study format wherein we will brainstorm different strategies that could potentially help FilterCoffee (One of India’s biggest and loved business newsletters) grow 10x!!

This event is for you if:

  • You want to learn strategies and frameworks for growing a startup

  • You want to start a newsletter of your own and grow it

  • You want to participate in a live case study and have fun

👉 Get a little taste of how to think about growing a startup, coming up with “Growth Hacks” and strategies to never run out of ideas for growing a business

Do you consider yourself creative 👩‍🎨? Well bring on some creative ideas in the session that could help grow FilterCoffee’s subscribers grow and we would love to discuss why it could work and why it could fail, via bringing you on stage or zoom chat.

Not only that we would provide you with frameworks🌟that would help you think in the right direction with the right approach in regards to coming up and validating your ideas to grow a startup.

This could be your opportunity to flex those growth muscles 💪 of yours and impress the crowd with your ideas.

We would also be discussing how you can start and grow a newsletter of your own 📰📈!!

So, by attending this live session you will  👇

  • Get a hang of how a discussion on growth strategy looks like

  • Learn growth and strategy frameworks for growing a startup

  • Get to learn about the journey of one of India’s most loved and biggest business newsletter

  • Learn how to come up with “growth hacks” for a startup

  • Start and grow your own newsletter

It would be a fun and interactive session with a lot of learnings in between

Who will be hosting the session?

Tanvi Raut Dessai, Founder of FilterCoffee

Tanvi has been writing her newsletter, FilterCoffee, every single day for the past year. She has grown her audience from 0 to more than 15K email subscribers. The number of sponsorship requests she gets from founders and companies is much more than she can handle.

Aditya Kulkarni, Co-founder at Stoa School.

He is the co-founder of Stoa School and an IIM-B and BITS Pilani alumnus. He has built and sold two startups in the past.

Through Stoa School, he has mentored 200+ people through various business challenges.

Raj Kunkolienkar, Co-founder at Stoa School, BITS Goa

He is the co-founder of Stoa School and has tried enough things to know what works, what doesn't. His role as a co-founder enables him to sit with startup founders and see what makes a business profitable, & sustainable.